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// Update As of 14/03/18 2:13AM GMT +8

- Webshop Installed

- Vote System Reward Installed (Application of Link Vote Sites Follows)

- New Patch will be release for x-shop (to release new client for downloads)

- To fixed JOL and JOH direct adding to items

- Launcher Auto Update (in progress from devs) : no time of release


- ZGN Team

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Alpha Update Settings:

-Client fixes on auto close issue

-Launcher fixes not running

-To add Vote & Reward system for purchase currency

-To add website's webshop for players pruchases


General Settings:

-Increase HP on various Monster for better PVE gameplay

-Decrease Respawn time on boss monster for game events

-Decrease drop rate on various jewels

-In game PVP will be base on combo, decreasing single skills kill.

-Adding rewards on in game event/quizes

-Increase the static form of Tier 2 sets Def/Dmg for good advancement vs normal items.



(Thread Subjected for Changes)

Server: CyberMU | Zodiac★Games™

Server is From: Philippines


Version: Season6Ep3Ultimate

Powered by: Zodiac★Games™

Hosted by: Zare | HydraCom

Experience: x5000

ML Experience: x4000

Master Level: 400

Drop: 45%


Max Excellent : 7 (7 Lord Mix)

Max Socket: 5 (Tri-Sphere)

Chaos Machine: Webzen Deffault

Quest System: EASY

Monster HP: 100%

Reset System: Enabled

Off-Trade System: Active

Castle Siege: 8:00-10:00PM (Sat)














Blood Castle

Devil Square

Chaos Castle

Golden Invasion

Castle Deep

Crywolf Siege

Chaos Castle


Unique Features:

Yes Bot Buffer

Yes Event Handle Handle

Yes Event Esconde Esc.

Yes Speed ​​Event

Yes HP Bonus System

Yes Die Message System

Yes Online User Message

Yes Online GM Message

Yes Event Custom Quiz

Yes Ticket Option to change name

Yes Custom WingMix (Chaos goblin)

Yes Custom Death Message

Drop Item on PK etc


and more COME AND JOIN 

Account Login

Server Info

Powered by:Zodiac★Games™
Hosted by:Zare | HydraCom
ML Experience:x3000
Master Level:400
Max Excellent :7 (7 Lord Mix)
Max Socket:5 (Tri-Sphere)
Chaos Machine:Webzen Deffault
Quest System:/evo
Monster HP:100%
Reset System:Enabled
Off-Trade System:Active
Castle Siege:8:00-10:00PM (Sat)

Server Status

Total Accounts1,233
Total Characters2,247
Total Guilds43
Online Users204

Castle Siege

Castle Owner
54h 43m 56s


Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Golden Invasion
Castle Deep
Crywolf Siege
Chaos Castle