Episode Christmas Special

Season 6, episode 9 of Downton Abbey

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Christmas Special

Genres: Romance, Drama

Countries: USA, UK

Released: 2015

Christmas Special

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Christmas Special

Aware of her secret, Bertie proposes to Edith. However, his morality-obsessed mother threatens to stand in their way, after Edith has confessed to her. Henry forsakes motor racing for a new venture with Tom. Molesley and Spratt also embark upon new careers and Barrow finds another position - with a curmudgeon - while Carson's health begins to fail. Isobel responds to some bad news from Lord Merton and Violet encourages her to thwart the plans of his greedy family. New Year's Eve 1925 sees, downstairs, romance flourishes.

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Piper Perabo


Carey Mulligan

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