Episode Episode #6.2

Season 6, episode 2 of Downton Abbey

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Episode #6.2

Genres: Romance, Drama

Countries: USA, UK

Released: 2016

Episode #6.2

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Episode #6.2

With Tom now in America Mary is farm manager and has an awkward innocent encounter when Mrs Drewe sees Marigold, Edith's daughter, leading to a panic at an agricultural show. Edith herself, in conflict with her editor over her new ideas, is briefly joined in London by Mary, seeking help for Anna's health problem whilst the battle for the future of the hospital continues, with Cora supporting Isobel's progressive view, much to Violet's annoyance. Daisy tries to find work for her father-in-law, recently evicted, whilst Barrow also considers pastures new and Mrs Hughes is not happy at the prospect of her wedding venue.

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Charlize Theron


Eleanor Tomlinson

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