Episode Episode #6.4

Season 6, episode 4 of Downton Abbey

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Episode #6.4

Genres: Romance, Drama

Countries: USA, UK

Released: 2015

Episode #6.4

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Episode #6.4

Ladies' maid Phyllis Baxter gets a visit from the police, which brings her closer to the supportive Mr Molesley whilst there is good news for Anna, though when disaster appears to hit her the returning Tom Branson and Mary join forces to help her. Thinking that the Crawleys are about to "break their word" to give Mr. Mason Yew Tree Farm, Daisy is ready to confront them though does not yet know how the situation will turn out Violet - unsuccessfully - attempts to coerce her friend Lady Shackleton into supporting her in the ongoing hospital feud but Her Ladyship does introduce Mary to her nephew Henry, a dashing racing car driver. Elsewhere Edith's plan to appoint a female editor reintroduces former housemaid Gwen, now married and successful, to the abbey, though Barrow's scheme to humiliate her only rebounds on him. And he also has cause for displeasure when the newlyweds return.

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Emilia Fox


Kristen Connolly

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